Aarogyavardhini Vati

Aarogyavardhini Vati


  • It balances the three vital energies- the Pitta, Kapha and vata in your body.
  • It can be used to cure chronic fever, obesity, anorexia, liver disorders and stomach disorders.
  • It is also very useful for treating many types of hepatitis-like A, B, C.
  • Consuming arogyavardhini vati regularly can cure chronic constipation and gastric trouble.
  • It acts as an excellent appetizer and improves your appetite.
  • It provides protection to the liver by removing the toxins from the body; it is used to cure a wide range of problems that are associated with the liver.
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Herbal Vati is employed in traditional Ayurvedic practice to overcome ill state of digestive functions. This compound is rich with aromatic and carminative herbs which reduce gaseousness, ease colic pain and correct constipation. It helps restore proper digestion by stimulating release of digestive juices through liver, pancreases and small intestine.It helps in restoring healthy digestion, absorption, assimilation and metabolism of food elements.


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